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Company I Work For

They have been in business since 2008. Yes they have had 13 complaints filed with Better Business Bureau. Complaints were handled, settled in a prompt manner. Complaints were filed from those whom signed up & did not cancel the trial offers. Cancelling any TRIAL OFFER one takes is that person’s responsibility not ZNZ’s.

How does company get paid to pay us?

They get paid by Advertisers to get others to sign up and take a trial offer. Yes, all trials can be Cancelled before the date is up on Trial. Many can be Cancelled in 48 hours. I always advise to do so.

Companies SAVE money by hiring an affiliate Company for all less than an Advertising Company. By doing so it’s a WIN for the one needing advertising, for the Affiliate Company and those that work from home.

How does it work?

You sign up, complete by taking a trial offer which will cost anywhere from free to $1.00. Once you have done this “you are now a part of the company and can work from home running your business. *Important* make sure you send a picture of copy of your ID to Company so you are verified as a real person also you will not get paid without doing so. The person you signed up under gets Paid for your signing up & taking an offer.

How do you earn money?

You would advertise your business. Another signs up, completes a trial under you. You Get Paid not the person you signed up under. Everyone gets Paid for what they do not what another does!

Are there more than 1 levels to earn Money, how much will I be paid?

YES. I will list the lowest you will get paid on each level.

 Step ONE will cost  Free to $1.00. You will take only 1 offer. One joins under you and completes taking a trial. You get Paid no less than $20.00.

Step TWO will cost up estimating $4.00. You will take 2 offers. One joins under you and completes taking a trials. You get Paid no less than $30.00

Step THREE  **BIG CASH** will cost from $8.00 to maybe $12.00. You will take approximately 6 trials. Once joins under you and completes taking trials. You will earn $60.00. **for me personally this is each person’s preference. It is a Pain and some of the offers well I wouldn’t do so I don’t suggest to another to do them**

Do I get Paid all on all steps if another signs up & takes the trials?

Yes & No


No, you WILL NOT get Paid for anyone that completes by taking trial(s) in a Step you have not completed.

What happens to the Money I would of earned had I completed the Step(s)?

 You just gave the company Money!!

Does the company ever pay more?

YES! When company has earned more than expected the following month they give us anywhere from 5% to 35% more on each Level. The pay I listed above is the Lowest on each Level we will ever Earn.

You want company to make money so you make more. Regardless of whom a person signed up under “we are all on same team.”  When each of us does well, “we all reap the rewards.”

Have I earned Money?

Yes, I have! I have spent it well. I love that I am not living paycheck to paycheck nor am I robbing Peter to pay Paul any longer.

You have not signed up and would like too?

How many referrals(people signing up under you) does it take to be paid the First Time?

2 Referrals and after that  just 1 to get paid.

Do trial offers stay the same?

NO & YES, some change, some stay same. Just cause 1 or more are there Now does not mean they will be there next month.

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