Work from Home

Interested in or Are Working from Home Online A Few Things to Know

Are All Online Work-From-Home Opportunities a Scam – No! There are many out there; that are totally legit and legal. Yes there are far too many scams, Pyramids which are Illegal, MLM (multi-level marketing), Tiers. These are the Types you Want to Stay Away FROM.

To start a business costs out of pocket money whether it be online or in a physical location. Difference Physical Location comes with a lot more expense out of pocket & monthly bills.

Online Business Working From will spend a very small amount of money to start up. You don’t have the overhead nor the leases, etc to pay for. It will take a little time to make your business be profitable for you will be the time in marketing, spreading the word, talking to people. No Business makes a profit from the start 99.9% of the time.

We will use one Work From Home Company as the bases here. For we know this one is Legal, Legit and Money can be Made and is being made and paid Daily. We will not speak of any other for “we can’t say for sure the same.”

Tools needed to Work From Home.

  • Computer
  • Internet Service
  • Phone


  • Have a PayPal account. PayPal is the only way to ensure you get Paid Daily.
  • You can always request a check be sent to you. Which is normally done 1 time a month.

Open Only to Those Residing:


Will I have to send copy of my ID?

Will I pay taxes on the Money I earned?

YES to both. You would take a picture of your ID with current address and email it to the company. This ensures you are a Real Person.

At end of any given year when you have earned $600.00 or more; the company will send you a form for you to pay taxes on the earned monies.

Legal Business Write-Offs:

  • your internet bill
  • your phone bill

How to keep Uncle Sam from digging in your Pocket to Pay Taxes.

For every $100.00 you earn; put $10.00 a side. When time for taxes and let’s say You Owe. By putting the money aside you are digging in your pockets or scrabbling to figure out how you will pay your taxes. Bonus: Uncle Sam might not take all you have side aside and earned interest on. You will find you have a little nest egg.

Is Working from for anyone?

YES it is.

  • retirees
  • disabled
  • hours cut
  • lost job
  • stay at home Mom’s and/or Dad’s
  • For Anyone who needs to supplement their income and be Free of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, living from Paycheck to Paycheck.