Your AD

Programs to Use to Make a Graphic/Picture Ad

Windows operating system has Paint. You can use this. 

You can DOWNLOAD & USE Photoscape for Free.

1. Google (or any search engine) an image that you want to use.


 2. Open photoscape and click on ‘editor’.


3. The pictures on your hard drive should show in the pane on the left side. If not you will have to use the Explorer window at the top left to search for the folder in which you saved your image.


4. Click on the “Crop” tab at the bottom of the screen and crop your image to the size/shape that you would like the ad to be….allow room for text boxes.


5. Now click on the “Object” tab and select the shape that you would like the input box to be (where you will type your text)…select the color and the opacity…or you can select just a box with an outline and no “fill” option.


6. You can now enter your text into the box once you have the box properties set as you would like. Click on the “T” (text) and select your font, size, and color you would like.


 7. If you would like to enter images into your ad that you have saved to your hard drive you can click on the “Photo” icon above the “T” (text icon). Then select the item you would like to input on your ad and drag in anywhere in the ad.


8. When you are all done creating the ad the way you would like, you may then go back to the “Home” tab and select a frame around your ad if you would like.


9. When you are satisfied with your ad then you can go over to the right side of the program and click “Save”. Make sure you clicked “save as”  rename it and choose where you want to save it at on your hard drive.

Photoscape : Free Photo Editing Software (Photo Editor) Download