Here you will find the Recipes to making your Own Seasoning Mixes.

Whether you grow your own or use the Seasonings in your Spice Rack. By making your own Seasoning Mixes you Save $$. Will Never Run out.

Growing your own herbs ensures you are getting Fresh Herbs. We will discuss how to dry them and then ground into a powder or simply pulverize so little flakes.


1- You can hang them  or

2- Leave out on plate to air dry

3- You can dehydrate.  Used a dehydrated on lowest setting till completely dry. OR place in oven on lowest temp with door cracked open till dry.


YOUR HERBS ARE DRY *any of these methods work*

1- Crunch them by hand

2- Use a pestle & mortar

3- Place in food processor

4- Use a Bean Grinder


USING THE GREENS *off Vegetables to make Seasonings*

1- Carrot Top Greens

2- Celery Top Greens

3- Fennel Greens

4- Beet Greens

5- Parsnips

These must be Dehydrated.



1- Collard Greens

2- Mustard Greens

3- Dandelion Greens

4- Spinach

5 – Swiss Chard

6- Romain Lettuce

Eat Raw or Cook….. DEHYDRATE

All that is dehydrated can be used in Smoothies, Soups, Making Seasoning Combos, Seasonings Mixes*packets*


You Can Use Every Part of a Herb, Veggie or Fruit…. Waste Not, Want Not