Welcome to RTDL

Getting Started

You must Register

  • Go to your email you used.
  • A Temporary Password will be sent. Check Junk Folder. It comes from support@rtdl.net
  • Now go to rtdl.net…Click Login
  • Enter User Name and the Temporary Password you were sent.
  • Once logged in…go to the Top  Click the ?*stands for Help*
  •  Go to Settings…Click My Password
  • Enter the Password you want…Click Update!
  • Once you have changed your Password. You will need re-login with your Password.
  • Welcome..Explains the menu, uses, settings.

Tools at TOP of SITE :


  • You CONTROL each Item/Section.
  • Once you have set they way you want.  Click update!

Privacy Security Best Settings

  • See your Profile Information…Select Friends
  • Who can see your Activity…..Select Friends
  • Visibility in Directory…All Members..they can find you send Friend Request but they see nothing But Your Name until you become Friends. If you don’t become Friends they SEE NOTHING BEYOND YOUR NAME.
  • Who can see your Friendships…..Just Me*this is best for Privacy..or select one of the other options.. Friends *your friends* or all Members or make public.
  • You can check the other boxes for alerts, emails. Or not check them. Your Choice.
  • Make Sure to CLICK UPDATE once done.


  •  You control by your Selection of each.
  • In this section is where you are or change your Profile Header.
  • Once Done…..CLICK UPDATE!


  • Contact…goes Directly to Support


  • Shows Posts…you select who can see this.


  • Create a Photo Album
  • Give your Album a Title
  • Click under View Slideshow and Select the Photo(s) you wish to upload.
  • Once you have selected …click UPLOAD.
  • You can Choose to add Comment or Not. It is your preference.


  • This is where you change your Avatar/Profile Picture.
  • Change your Profile Header Image.
  • Again for each SECTION you select who you Share With.

Menu Bar Under the Logo

  • Home …takes you to Home Page
  • Contact…Takes you to Support
  • My Community…offers:
  • Directory for finding Members
  • Favorites are Posts, things you have saved as Favorites
  • Groups…Group you created or Joined.
  • Messages ..sends message to another.
  • Profile…You can Change your Picture/Avatar, Edit Your Profile, See Your Friends.